Dandelions are free?

Livia Ether FLOW

Throughout the ages, dandelions have been woven into cultural folklore and have become a positive symbols with a variety of meanings. Some believe that dandelions have truly magical properties, bring good luck, and increase psychic dreaming as you enter into the matrix of the collective unconsciousness…

Visualize your message then blow on the white seed head of a dandelion

In mythology, film, storytelling, and metaphysics, fields of flowers are often used as places where realities meet, time alters, and spirit connects with human consciousness. For example, one often envisions themselves in a field of flowers where they are met by their spirit guide, deceased loved ones, or just to find peace on a warm sunny day. It’s called a Field of Dreams, as we live within the matrix of a dream…

As far back as I can remember, in many of my wake-up dreams, I see fields of yellow dandelions…

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