Legenda o Kolibrze

Livia Ether Flow

Przepiekna indianska legenda, ktora ktos mi wczoraj przeslal wraz z bardzo ciekawym opisem:

Legend of the Hummingbird?

One day, an immense fire threatened to destroy the forest. All the animals, except the little Hummingbird, were terrified, and had lost heart in the face of such a disaster. And yet the little Hummingbird did not throw in the towel. Bravely he went to work, looking for drops of water that he collected into his small beak and threw upon the fire, one by one.
After some time, the Armadillo, not seeing any change and irritated by all this pathetic activity, said to him: “Little Hummingbird, are you crazy? Don’t you see that you’ll never be able to put out the fire with so few drops of water?”
And the little Hummingbird said to him: “I know, but I’m doing my part!”For if drops of water are what make up…

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